INI Configuration

  • Toggler = Boolean value
  • STALL PROPERTY = String value

quotes only
  • To wrap all attribute values with double-quotes or not.

  • 1 - will wrap each and every XML/HTML attribute value within "". No matter if denotation ( ' or " ) is different where 0 - will wrap attribute values denoted by char, if char is found as first one (unescaped).

  • Toggling to quotes_only=1 eases life a lot if you prefer quotes over apostrophes for the argument values - everywhere. No matter how You write attribute values, all of them will be quoted. This is neat especially for XML files.

backend notgood
  • Dry Funcdown Code, with or without, backend support

  • 1 - no backend/php code will work. Everything inside PHP tags - with PHP tags as well, will be ignored and wiped/bypassed.
    0 - As long as this option remains false, avoid_phpxml will have some meaning.

  • Toggling to backend_notgood=1 is IDEAL for forum posts and similar, where provided input values cannot be trusted, etc.

avoid phpxml
  • PHP tags and it's substitutes

  • 1 - will halt/panic if ANY (inside strings as well) real and unescaped <? ?> (with or without `php`) is found anywhere, while 0 means all three: <?php|<?=|?>, ##:|##=|:## and \@:|\@=|:@/ can be mixed together.

  • 1 is ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED for production evironment.
    backend_notgood=0 is THE governor for this option.

source squeeze
  • *ML Representation

  • 1 - parser will try to shrink all but - user-text and preformatted (placeholders and textareas as well) code/text as much as possible
    0 - for markup tidyness competition. :)

null expose
  • Whether or not to reset funcdown object property values as soon as possible.

  • 1 - for production environment, will not print backtrace (but will print message) directly onscreen
    0 - for development environment

  • If true, $this->expose() method will give nothing except for the 0 value that will `get_object_vars` and display 'em as list where all properties except private static ones, will have their default values after the request has been processed.

silent errors
  • Error exposal

  • If 1, on error, nothing is displayed. Errors will result in a blank (white) on/screen, meaning - log file has something to say. In other words, no screen messages (but still writes to log file) on error.

  • This should remain 0 for development environment

error logging
  • Logging

  • Whether to write/append to log file when error ocurs or not.
    If true, funcdown will write error/warning messages to a file.

temp path
  • Funcdown working directory

  • Default/fallback temporal directory for when php code is inside funcdown. Once when php source code is found within external .fncd files, that request is `double-checked` than processed via internal buffer, before it is converted to string, than destroyed right after. When error/bad or incorrect php code is found within funcdown content, tmp file won't be deleted. Nanny method called by `destructor` will handle them.

  • If true, funcdown will automatically generate values/files for translations, for each $funcdown->parse() call, and if false, funcdown will not write/save content for translations. Some other library may.

  • Default/fallback language directory for when funcdown is used as language governor as well.

  • It is recommended to have this property set to false. Use this option for sandboxing purposes or similar.
    1 will clone important object properties into session, where 0 will leave sessions alone.