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Legal & Copy, Left & Right

  • The software You'll find on pages from this very domain is actually restricted as much as Openbox is. Go figure.
  • All three (For now. There will be more): Funcdown, VFile.js and CatMice are using the same type of licence. BSD-style.
  • That actually means that the software (scripts in other words) is free like a Snowy Owl and it is for anyone to use, whoever finds it usable.
  • But, that doesn't mean that one can copy-pasta the software, use it and brag about it, without referencing and/or mention this domain at all. That's gay and cringe. Don't do that.
  • That is, some trace towards this domain is required. That means, one should keep the top most comments or block comments found wihtin source code.
  • To be more precise, I as developer, actually hate that shit related to licencing, but on the other hand, it has its logic and purpose, gotta admit .. because, we are living in a completely fucked up and shitty world.
  • All in all, the licence text is kinda very clear and well written and explains everything.
    Here, take Your pick: .. and have a nice day. :)
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